Family Agreement

Important Information

  1. The client will provide Nanny and CNSA with a specific list of job duties and responsibilities as it pertains to their particular childcare and or household needs. Please keep in mind childcare is first priority in any given home where there are children.

  2. CNSA will make its best efforts to recruit in-home nanny applicants and will conduct a reasonable background check on any applicant applying for the the Clients' position.CNSA encourages family to review the applicants info and take whatever steps necessary necessary to verify the applicants credentials.

  3. Upon request of the Client, CNSA will facilitate discussions between the Client and the nanny applicant concerning employment terms. These discussions may include, but are not limited to, the topics of compensation, work schedule, vacations, duties, benefits, gas reimbursement if required to drive on the job but not to and from, and other matters that might be contained in a work agreement between the Client and Nanny applicant. If there are any communication problems or concerns, CNSA will act as a supervisor to help resolve them throughout the life of the placement.

  4. It is understood and agreed that CNSA is not the Employee or the Employer in this agreement. The Client's selection for employment of a nanny will be coupled with CNSA's assistance in helping you, the Client, in defining your relationship with the Nanny.

  5. The client agrees to pay a registration fee of $100 (or $50 if placement is short term or temporary) upon execution of this agreement. The Registration fee is non-refundable once interviews begin.

  6. The Client agrees to make the referral payment once the family has decided to hire the Nanny after the two week trial period. Payments can be made in full or can be made on a monthly basis (TBD) depending on type of placement.

  7. Guarantee: Should the placement fall short of 1 year, CNSA will provide a replacement Nanny within the first 12 months. CNSA provides the longest guarantee in the industry. The Family will be prepared to go through the hiring process again without an additional referral fee, after the original referral fee has been paid in full. CNSA will make every effort to find a suitable replacement.

  8. The Client understands that the Nanny applicant is solely responsible for his/her actions, that the Nanny applicant is not an Employee of CNSA and CNSA assumes no responsibility for any act or omission of the Nanny applicant either prior to or after employment with the Client once employment has commenced. The Client understands and agrees that although CNSA has assisted the Client in referring a Nanny or child related caretaker to work in the Client's home, CNSA cannot predict the candidate's future behavior or performance and, only the Client can best assess the Nanny's/employee's conduct and competence at any given time while in the Clients' employment. The client is responsible for the decision to hire the Nanny and to continue to employ the nanny and the role of CNSA is limited to providing applicants for the Clients's consideration and performing a limited background check.

  9. Accordingly, the Client hereby agrees to fully indemnify and hold CNSA it's officers, directors, successors and assigns, harmless from any and all claims, demands, losses, liabilities, damages or expenses for investigation or attorney's fee arising out of, or in any way related to, this agreement, including personal injury or property damage whether such liabilities, claims or demands arise out of the negligent acts of CNSA or from some other cause.

  10. The Client understands that the long-term employment is strengthened by weekly discussions between the nanny and supervising parent. Appreciation, encouragement and kindness go a long way in a strong parent nanny relationship as well.

  11. If the Client chooses to travel with their nanny, the Client agrees to pay for transportation, accommodations, meals  additional transportation and will negotiate a rate for additional hours at time of planning travel with their nanny.

  12. CNSA can provide back-up Nannies in case your nanny cannot come to work on a given day. However, please keep in mind, the rate of the substitute nanny may vary and will depend on who is available and at what individual rate per hour. Client pays back-up nanny at the time of service.