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Senior Care

Taking care of elderly loved ones can be difficult. Caring Nannies can help you find the most qualified caretakers for your needs.

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“It is such a relief to finally be able to trust a caregiver in your home. A little assistance for my dad goes such a very long way for our family. Thank you! Thank you! "

— Libby, San Antonio (found care for her father)

“The thing I really appreciated and will always remember was your attitude of ‘not making a nanny take a position she doesn’t want’. You don’t know how many agencies say ‘if you don’t take this job, I won’t help you.’ I love the family you placed me with. I tell all my nanny friends to use Caring Nannies to help them find a great career!"

— Evelyn, San Antonio (Senior Caregiver)

"“I was referred by a friend who recommended it to me when I had a different agency not provide me with any viable candidates for 6 months. I found a wonderful Caring Nanny quickly and have found this service to be efficient and professional."

— Ann, (found caregiver for her father)

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